About us

KostlexLTD is a Cyprus based company offering a wide range of services to its clients, including

  • Vehicle Fulfillment Service
  • Transport logistics
  • Intermodal transportation of goods in containers
  • Delivery of cargo to any destination in the world
  • Door to door cargo delivery

Our company offers comprehensive vehicle fulfillment services, ensuring your vehicles are transported safely and efficiently to their destination. From initial consultation and route planning to final delivery and inspection, we handle every step with precision. Utilizing road, rail, sea, and air transport options, we cater to both domestic and international shipments. Our services include vehicle inspection, secure loading, customs clearance, and full insurance coverage. With a focus on reliability and customer satisfaction, we provide regular status updates and after-sales support, making sure your vehicle arrives in perfect condition.

When it comes to work with clients, our company is distinguished by high professionalism, promptness of orders execution, provision of comprehensive information on all requests, careful design of transport logistics scheme taking in account client’s wishes, flexible pricing system.